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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out the origin of my street name?
Go to the Themes and click on Bournemouth's Buildings and you will find an Appendix that describes the origins of Bournemouth's street names.

Where can I find a list of related websites?
Visit About SOB. The list can be found at the end of that section.

Where can I find Oral History sound clips?
Click on Advanced Search in the top right hand corner of the homepage where you will find various types of media content.

When I add images in My SOB, what format must I use?
The image formats currently accepted are JPG, PNG and GIF

When I add text in My SOB, what format must I use?
The text is automatically correctly formatted when written in the text boxes

Who developed the website and supplied the images?
At the bottom of the homepage on the right hand side, click on Acknowledgements for further information.

How can I find the Learning Resources material for primary school teachers?
Go to the Themes on the homepage and click on Education/Learning Resources. The Learning Material is after the Education section and is in a downloadable pdf.

How can I add my own photos and recollections to the Community Archive?
Go to My SOB near the bottom of the left hand side of the homepage, and click on it. It will tell you how to proceed.

If I don't know how to scan my photos for the website, who can help me?
Your local Bournemouth library has a Streets of Bournemouth scanner and computer. The library staff are trained to help you.

Can I add material larger than A4?
Yes the Heritage Zone at Bournemouth Library will be able to scan up to A3.

How do I find out the owners of the original images?
When you view the full image, the details of the supplier and their references are listed.

How do I know if the images are copyrighted?
Copyright information is available on the full image.

Can I make copies of the images?
Copies can be printed from the website (and in some cases from the originals in the repository) for personal or research purposes. Copies are not allowed to be used for commercial purposes. Acknowledgement of the source should be made.